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BCN3D chooses DesignBox3D as their US Distributor - We are no longer offering BCN3D Products.

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US-Based DesignBox3D, a distributor of the best professional grade 3D Printers, and Spanish 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies have embarked on a on a partnership to bring the BCN3D SIGMA 3D Printer to the US market.


The two companies began discussing a potential cooperation late in 2015 and came together at BCN3D Headquarters in March in order to move forward. Now, DesignBox3D is establishing the reseller network that will bring the BCN3D Sigma to the US Market.


BCN3D and its BCN3D Sigma enables a new range of possibilities with its IDEX (independent dual extrusion) system. Combining different materials, colors and properties in the same part, as well as printing complex geometries using soluble support structures, the users will now have access to a complete new range of possibilities.

The co-operation of both companies is based on the following:

- DesignBox3D, as BCN3D Technologies Distributor here in the US, will initially offer the unmatched BCN3D Sigma to its reseller network and end-user clients to bring true multi-material, multi-color and 3DPrinting to the US market and plans to then also offer the IGNIS (Laser Cutter), Lux (SLA Platform) and the entire range of additive manufacturing solutions offered by BCN3D.

- DesignBox3D will be responsible for the promotion of the BCN3D Sigma through the US territory, as well as of spreading the BCN3D Open Source project to all the American users.

- BCN3D Technologies will officially support DesignBox3D during all the process, granting a complete revolutionary 3D printing experience for all the potential BCN3D users.

“Having met with Roger Uceda (CEO, BCN3D), Felip Fenollosa (Fundacio CIM) and the entire team of BCN3D Technologies with its focus on R&D and a culture of excellence, we are very excited about this partnership and expect it to be a very successful cooperation to continue with our tradition of only bringing forward the best that the market has to offer” – Preet Jesrani, President of DesignBox3D.

“We have been working really hard in order to bring our BCN3D Sigma to the US. We are excited for all those new users who are willing to work with one of the most revolutionary and exotic printers in the market. We needed a trustful partner to spread our project and help the final user to understand the real potential of the BCN3D Sigma. DesignBox3D is the ideal partner for this adventure and we are glad to finally locate BCN3D to the US” - Roger Uceda, CEO of BCN3D Technologies.

First results of this cooperation will be shown during the beginning of May, where DesignBox3D and BCN3D Technologies will announce their reseller network in the US bringing the first units of the BCN3D Sigma to the market.