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The Sorceress by Louise Driggers - an exciting adventure in form, function, 3DPrinters and materials.

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I have long admired the beautiful designs by our friend, Louise Driggers and will never tire of re-printing one of my favorite designs, Aria the Dragon and its fantastic dual extrusion cousin Aria the Dragon (for Dual Extrusion).

Those that have 3D Printed many of Louise's designs would know that they print without the use of any supports. At DesignBox3D, I believe that we have 3D Printed Aria the Dragon variants and Adalinda: The Singing Serpent, dozens or perhaps even hundreds of times... I have yet to have anyone on our team tire of printing them.

I was delighted to have heard from Louise last week, when she graciously offered us an opportunity to print her latest design, "The Sorceress" - a gorgeous design that is more a work of art than a stylus/pen holder....

We decided to make this an exciting collaboration with  goal of producing a number of prints of "The Sorceress" across our range of printers and in a variety of materials.

So far, we have 3D Printed her on our:

  1. Type A Machines #Series1 Pro in #PETG and #PLA 
  2. BCN3D Sigma R17 in #PLA and #Nylon
  3. MassPortal Pharaoh XD in #Polymax #PLA and #ABS

Our next set of prints will be on our Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 3 lines, in PLA, ABS, Nylon, and PETG. Another material that I am keen to try printing "The Sorceress" in, is our Filaflex - from our partners at Recreus3D.

At the conclusion of this fun exercise, we will review the prints in closer detail and share our impressions of which of our printers did the best job reproducing Louise's incredible design :)

I'll continue to update this blog post as we run additional prints.

Cheers from DesignBox3D! Have a great evening, everyone.