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Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer

Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer

$ 3,495.00 $ 3,199.00

Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer 

The new Pharaoh ED is a smooth, quiet and fast desktop 3D printer for office, school and home. Designed for convenient daily use, the Pharaoh ED features automatic calibration, high-quality printing and compatibility with various materials.


Original industrial design

Pharaoh ED is the result of refinement and development of desktop 3D printer concept: a machine that might be the first high-quality, mainstream delta printer. Designed to look as good as it prints, it can be unashamedly installed in any company's office.

Build quality

It's build quality and durability matches the good looks — sturdy aluminum frame; Mass Portal designed and CNC machined mechanical parts, precision linear motion guides. It's built to be tough; built to last. With style.

Full-featured for materials versatility

The Pharaoh ED is designed to be compatible with various thermoplastic materials from different vendors. It ships with settings for recommended materials like PLA, ABS and PET. The printer can be configured for most 1,75mm thermoplastic filaments — form any vendor — thanks to it's heated build plate (up to 110° C), enclosed or open print chamber, effective part cooling, variable nozzle sizes (0,25–0,7mm), all-metal hot-end (up to 300° C) and powerful geared extruder. 

Quality printing

The impressive print quality is achieved by tuning the important contributing factors: precision motors, heating block with dual heaters, a custom-made filament drive gear. Layer thickness starts at 0,01mm.

Enjoy the Delta

Printing speeds can be set higher than usually because of the very low vibration level, efficient hot-end and efficient part cooling.

A true desktop printer

Designed with daily usage in mind, the Pharaoh ED is a careful blend of features and optimization. Sized to fit in a small car complete with it's plywood box that doubles as a cabinet for filament storage and as a printer stand. Build area is 20 cm height by 20 cm diameter — maximized within the compact footprint of the printer. Because of it's sturdy construction and a relatively low weight (17kg), the printer can be easily moved around without affecting it's calibration. 


Pharaoh ED is powered by open source firmware and compatible with a number of printing apps — both commercial and open source. The Pharaoh ED can be operated from a desktop computer host application, connected via USB, or in standalone mode, printing from SD cards. Settings can be tweaked in both cases while printing is underway.

Built for lots of printing

The Pharaoh ED is a capable, high-quality machine, designed by makers and artists, manufactured to high standards and used for a lot of printing by demanding users. Hand-built in the EU, with most components sourced in EU.

Simplify3D Software included

The Pharaoh ED comes with a license of Simplify3D included. This software makes it even easier to get high quality prints effortlessly. You can very easily choose from a number of pre - sets and enjoy watching the printer produce flawless prints non-stop.


PRINTING TECHNOLOGY FFF -Fused Filament Fabrication
EXTRUDERS 1 Single Extruder
BUILD VOLUME Diameter: max 20 cm Height: 20 cm
LAYER RESOLUTION 0,01-0,6 mm (depending on nozzle diameter/material)
PRINT SPEED Up to 300 mm/s High-Precision mode: up to 160 mm/s
LCD DISPLAY LCD screen with 5-way controller
OPERATING NOZZLE TEMPERATURE Printing temperature up to 300° C
PLATFORM TEMPERATURE Heated glass print bed — up to 110° C
CONNECTIONS Built-in SD-card reader (standard size cards), USB 2.0
CHASSI Aluminium extrusion profile frame, acrylate body panels
SOFTWARE INCLUDED Simplify3D® Full Licence Included
PRODUCT DIMENSION Width:32 cm Depth:31 cm Height:63 cm Weight:16 kg
NOZZLE DIAMETER Interchangeable brass nozzles, diameter 0.4 – 1 mm
SUPPORTED OS Windows, Mac, Linux
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
$ 3,495.00 $ 3,199.00

Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer

Mass Portal Pharaoh ED™ Delta 3D printer
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