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Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer

Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer

$ 4,249.00 $ 3,929.00

Delta Technology

Better mechanics for 3D printing 

Compared to conventional 3D printers, MP Pharaoh® can print at faster real world speeds with lower levels of vibration and noise. These are important comfort considerations if the printer is used on a daily basis (school, home or office). Precision linear guides ensure smooth and precise movements.


Stable Construction

Sturdy aluminium extrusion frame

In order to acchieve best printing quality and sure first layer material adhesion to the printbed, Mass Portal® Pharaoh® 3D printers are designed and built with a geometric stability reserve, starting from frame. An added benefit is that Mass Portal® Pharaoh® 3D printers can be transported with minimum worries. 

Pharaoh® Print Head

To go with delta print speed

Mass Portal designed, all-metal Pharaoh® printing head with two heating elements can efficiently melt filament at temperatures up to 300°C for sustained high quality printing at high real-world printing speeds. Exchangeable brass nozzles with 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 mm diameter allow the printer to be adapted to different materials and printing needs. Layer height: 0.01 mm to 0.7mm mm. LED illumination of printed objects.

Automatic Calibration

Ease of use and predictable results

Automatic calibration system measures and adjusts the distance between the printhead and the printbed, and compensates for any slant of the prtintbed. This ensures that objects stick to the print bed. Printer software allows for a number of different bed coating options, including custom. Mass Portal printers ship with BuildTak coating as standard.

Heated Printing Plate

Flexibility to print with different materials

Heated glass print bed (up to 120°C) allows printing ABS and other plastic materials with good object adhesion to the print bed. Use of the heated bed in an enclosed printing chamber minimizes deformations of objects printed with ABS thermoplastic.

Enclosed Printing Chamber

High quality objects and safe operation

Removable, transparent front and side doors allow easy access and observation of printing process, aided by LED illumination. Closed printing chamber ensures stable environment temperature for printing ABS plastic materials. 

Pharaoh Touch (Apps + Cloud)

The embedded computer with touchscreen and wireless networking delivers the best 3D printing experience on the market. A high resolution 7” touchscreen is the perfect canvas for the built-in Pharaoh Touch software. Custom designed and developed by Mass Portal, it allows easy printer operation while providing depth of control and extensive functionality.

The wired and wireless networking of the Pharaoh HD printer allows direct printer control from cloud applications. Apps running on the printer enrich the experience with additional functionality and content. All mass portal printers run a version of open-source Repetier Firmware. This ensures compatibility with multiple slicing and printing applications.


#NoLayers #TrueMaterials

Print in the most thermoplastic materials with no visible layers. Choose the materials you know and trust- from a number of high-quality manufacturers. With a minimum layer thickness of 0.01mm, Mass Portal Printers are capable of printing parts that have no visible layers – surface quality on par with more expensive printing technologies. Our printers are designed to work with the best 1.75mm thermoplastic filaments, printing at temperatures up to 300°C.


Full Licence Included With Each Mass Portal 3D Printer

Award winning slicing and printer control software empowers you to acchieve best printing results.


Width: 32 cm
Depth: 31 cm
Height: 63 cm
Weight: 17,5 kg

Max. build area

Diameter: 20 cm


18,6 cm — whole diameter, 20,5 cm — in the middle


5 cm width x 15 cm depth x 18,6 cm height


  • Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Print speed: 30 mm/s – 300 mm/s
    - The actual print speed depends on the object's geometry, material, nozzle diameter, layer thickness, desired printout quality
  • Travel speed: 30 mm/s – 400 mm/s
  • Ambient temperature: 15° – 33° C

Mechanical design

  • Aluminium extrusion profile frame, acrylate body panels
  • Enclosed, LED illuminated print chamber
  • Removable, transparent side and front doors
  • Delta robot with precision linear guides

Print Head

  • Pharaoh® all-metal hot-end
    - Designed and manufactured by Mass Portal
    - Dual heating cartridges, 80 W total
  • Printing temperature up to 300° C
  • Interchangeable brass nozzles, diameter 0.4 – 1 mm
  • LED illumination of the printed object

Print Bed

  • Heated brass print bed — up to 120° C
  • Automatic leveling system
    - Calibrates printer at the user request
    - Measures bed level at 4 points
    - Contact-less inductive sensor

Printing Materials

  • Recommended: PLA (Polylactic Acid) thermoplastic
  • Experimental: ABS, PET, PVA, HIPS and other thermoplastic
  • Plastic filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Can use filament from various manufacturers

Printer Operation

  • Computer-driven: USB 2 connection 
  • Standalone: LCD screen with 5-way controller
  • Built-in SD-card reader (standard size cards)
  • Printer control language: G-code
  • Repetier-Firmware printer control software

Electrical paramaters

  • Internal power supply
Line: 110 – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 HZ
Power: Max. 305 W; nom. 115 W; standby 15 W

Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
$ 4,249.00 $ 3,929.00

Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer

Mass Portal Pharaoh® XD 3D Printer
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