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FormFutura Filaments

FormFutura Filaments

Formfutura only supplies top-notch materials and thus only accepts the highest quality standards. All Formfutura filaments are modified and optimized for 3D printing and are manufactured with the highest manufacturing standards and tolerances. This ensures that as their partners here in the US, we can provide the market with industry leading filaments with an incredible consistency.

Formfutura is synonymous with innovation as they are continuously looking for new materials which can be adapted to 3D printing. As a result Formfutura is one of the leading 3D printer filament brands when it comes to having the widest product portfolio of high-end materials. They strive to be trendsetters in the market when it comes to their product offering.

FormFutura Premium PLASale

FormFutura Premium PLA

$ 41.99
Stonefil FormFuturaSale

Stonefil FormFutura

$ 44.99
HD Glass (PETG) Filament FormFuturaSale

HD Glass (PETG) Filament FormFutura

$ 42.99
FormFutura EasyWoodSale

FormFutura EasyWood

$ 45.99
FormFutura Metalfil Ancient Bronze

FormFutura Metalfil Ancient Bronze

$ 59.99
FormFutura MetalFil Classic Copper

FormFutura MetalFil Classic Copper

$ 59.99
Centaur PP (PolyPropelene)Sale

Centaur PP (PolyPropelene)

$ 45.00
FormFutura TitanXSale

FormFutura TitanX

$ 42.99


$ 58.95
Nylon STYX-12 (PA12)Sale

Nylon STYX-12 (PA12)

$ 44.00
FormFutura Volcano PLASale

FormFutura Volcano PLA

$ 42.99
ApolloX (ASA)Sale

ApolloX (ASA)

$ 45.00
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