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FormFutura Premium Filament

FormFutura Premium Filament

The Formfutura team are true believers in the life-changing technology of desktop 3D printing. Like DesignBox3D, they are very passionate and enthusiastic about 3D printing and the opportunities which arise out of this technology. FormFutura's goal is to provide our fellow enthusiasts in the 3D printing community with the best materials/filaments available for a reasonable price. We want 3D printing to be affordable and available for everyone. As their name implies, they want to present the best and latest materials available to clients and partners in order to enable them to create their designs via desktop 3D printing. 

The 3D printing technique, which only used to be available in certain industrial sectors, has now found its way to consumers via desktop 3D printing. Desktop 3D printing enables people to create almost anything one can imagine. At DesignBox3D, we do not compromise on filament quality and only offer the best because logic dictates that if you spend endless hours designing something, you will want to print it in the highest quality materials available to you. That's why Formfutura only offers the best quality filaments in order for our customers to have the best 3D printing results for their creations.

Formfutura produces their filaments with the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing an extremely high quality standard with respect to the colours, tolerances and printing quality. 

FormFutura Premium PLASale

FormFutura Premium PLA

$ 41.99
HD Glass (PETG) Filament FormFuturaSale

HD Glass (PETG) Filament FormFutura

$ 42.99
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