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Smart Materials 3D

Smart Materials 3D

We proudly distribute and re-sell Smart Materials 3D filaments. Our partners are based in  Jaen, Spain and we are thoroughly impressed with the quality of their standard, PLA/ABS filaments and the extensive selection of top of the line engineering materials they offer as well.

Initially, we will offer the following varietals:

  1. SmartFil PLA
  2. SmartFil ABS
  3. SmartFil Flex
  4. SmartFil HIPS
  5. SmartFil Support
  6. SmartCLEAN Filament
  7. SmartFil Wood
  8. SmartFil ABS High Impact
  9. SmartFil ABS Fireproof
  10. SmartFil EP (Easy Print - stronger than PLA)
  11. SmartFil Polypropylène
  12. SmartFil PLA 3D850 - high break resistance, low warping (for precision)

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