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HIPS specially designed and improved to be used as support material.
Shrinkage removed, it is dissolves in limonene much faster than regular
HIPS and it is compatible with a wide variety of materials.

What are its main features?

-Temperature 220/240 °.

-Thermal bed 50/100 °.

-High resolution.

-It dissolves in Limonene faster.

-Without warping.

-Compatible with more materials than HIPS or PVA.

What are its main advantages?

With respect to PVA

  • Cheaper
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials (Not only PLA).
  • Not affected by humidity, so it does not lose its properties.

Compared to a normal HIPS

  • Compatible with a wide range of materials (ABS not only)
  • Contraction and warping eliminated
  • It dissolves 3 times faster than other support materials
  • High resolution
  • Higher printing speed

Available in 2,85 in format M (750g)