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DesignBox3D works with clients ranging from Universities, small to mid-sized manufacturing firms, R&D firms in the medical space, the US Marine Corps, Department of Defense contractors, and also Fortune 50/500 firms to help them craft the best additive manufacturing solution to fit their needs.

Please call 419-239-7065 to schedule an appointment for a site visit or a conversation to discuss your organization and team's specific needs.

3D Printing for Manufacturing Firms

With 3D printing, businesses have the opportunity to design, create, and revise parts or entire products and with the reliability and durability of our print farms can serve you all the way from desktop prototype to final production.

Our professionally run PRINT FARM is capable of printing with hundreds of materials on the market today and of delivering reliably with 24/7 uptime.

Where traditional prototyping and manufacturing cannot offer custom and low volume runs affordably, our print farm offers the perfect alternative.

3D Printing for Professionals

(Product Designers, Engineers, Architects)

Create compelling solutions for your clients and build your business creating prototypes and mock-ups with any one of our carefully curated additive manufacturing solutions. From rapid turn around between design revisions, to fabricating a final design for approval, our 3Dprinter and consulting solutions will provide your team with reliable service and high quality results.

Captivate Clients

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or designer, our print farm or carefully curated pro-desktop 3D Printers will give life to your designs and give your clients something they can touch and feel. Create models of your designs using a modeling program, then 3Dprint them to allow you to see the pieces in physical form, then test and refine for a functional prototypes without the wait time. Or print your design portfolio to create a presentation which allows clients to experience your work in physical form. Once done prototyping, send your model to our print farm or a DB3D PF Solution that we design for you to make 1000s, on demand.

3D Printing for Educators

Our custom solutions, paired with our carefully curated 3DPrinters empower educators and students to build big ideas. Offering industrial quality prints with large or smaller build volumes, capable of dual extrusion and printing a broad selection of materials, you have the ability to explore new applications, novel approaches to old problems, and can do so with life-size results.

From 3DPrinting Centers, Fab-Labs, to individual classrooms, our solutions and 3D printers offer an outstanding combination of reliability, capability, and return on investment with a lifespan counted in years, rather than months.

As your needs grow, DesignBox3D will work with you to craft the right solutions with our curated short-list of best in class hardware, providing the tools needed to manage multiple printers and print jobs.

From desktop to fab lab, our solutions will be the right tools for any client need.