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Taulman PCTPE

One of the six great materials from the Taulman Kickstarter campaign from Fall 2014. While the campaign didn’t meet it’s ambitious goals, Taulman was able to leverage the support they had received into funds for production.

  • PCTPE stands forPlasticizedCopolyamideThermoPlasticElastomer.
  • It is a more flexible elastic nylon than bridge, 645, or 618.
  • It’s elastic modulus is around half that of 618.  This means it’s about twice as flexible.
  • It also has a 370% elongation to break.
  • Printing temperature is around 230C and it can be printed on a slightly warm (40C is recommended) print bed coated with PVA (glue stick or brushed on dilute wood glue).
  • Like other nylon filaments, it can be dyed prior to or after printing.  
  • While it is very flexible, it is still stiff enough to feed easily through any extruder without special modifications.
  • This consists of 1 lb of filament on the standard Taulman Spool.