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Ultimaker Breakaway Support Material

Breakaway support material from Ultimaker is designed for easy removal and zero post processing. For parts that absolutely need support material but also need to be ready for deployment immediately after printing (no time for PVA to dissolve) breakaway supports are the answer! Prints in any of the Ultimaker 3 Build Cores perfectly alongside ABS, Nylon, PLA, CPE, or CPE+ filaments.


The glory of Breakaway Support Material is that you can take the part off the print bed, quickly remove the supports and be ready to use the piece immediately. Breakaway supports create a clean surface finish under the part where it contacted the support material, so each and every surface is perfectly smooth. While PVA support does an excellent job supporting overhangs and filling internal cavities, it does take time to dissolve and the parts must be dried off before they can be deployed. With Breakaway - it's just minutes from the print bed to the application.


After your part is finished printing, remove it from the print surface and pull the support material away. This is easiest using some pliers with a good gripping surface. Depending on the model and shape of support structures, use gloves and be careful of any sharp corners or edges! Starting in the corners, lift the support material off the model and pull it away from the part. If there are any small pieces of support material left on the part, use some pliers or tweezers to remove the last remnants of the breakaway material. That's it - no sanding, no leaving your part to soak overnight, and no time at all between printing and application.